IMP809 Series
产品指数 品牌= IMP 工作电压= 1.1-5.5V 分辨率= BW @-3dB= 复位电压= 2.32 2.63 2.93 3.08 4.00 4.38 4.63 最大充电电流= 0 输出电流= 0 控制模式= 振荡频率= 0 最高效率= 0 静态功耗= 0 纹波抑制比= 封装形式= SOT23 功能简介= 电源检测/复位IC 类型= Vds(V)= ID(A)= VGS(±V)= Rdson@10V Typ= Rdson@4.5V Tpy= Rdson@2.5V Typ=
The IMP809/IMP810 are 2.5V,3.0V, 3.3V and 5.0V
power supply supervisor circuits optimized for lowpower
microprocessor (μP), microcontroller (μC) and
digital systems. The IMP809/810 are improved dropin
replacements for the Maxim MAX809/810 and
feature 60% lower supply current.
A reset signal is issued if the power supply voltage
drops below a preset reset threshold and is asserted for
at least 140ms after the supply has risen above the
reset threshold. The IMP809 has an active-low RESET
output that is guaranteed to be in the correct state
for VCC down to 1.1V. The IMP810 has an active-high
RESET output. The reset comparator is designed to
ignore fast transients on VCC.
Low supply current makes the IMP809/IMP810 ideal
for use in portable and battery operated equipment.
The IMP809/IMP810 are available in a compact 3-pin
SOT23 package. Seven voltage thresholds are available
to support 2.5V to 5V systems:
- Improved MaximMAX809/MAX810 replacement
—Lower supply current…6μA
—80% lower maximum supply current
- Monitor 5V, 3.3V , 3V and 2.5V supplies
- 140ms min. reset pulse width
- Active-low reset valid with 1.1V supply
- Small 3-pin SOT-23 package
- No external components
- Specified over full temperature range
— -40°C to 125°C
- Embedded controllers
- Battery operated systems
- Intelligent instruments
- Wireless communication systems
- PDAs and handheld equipment
产品技术资料 IMP809