IMP811 Series
产品指数 品牌= IMP 工作电压= 1.1-5.5V 分辨率= BW @-3dB= 复位电压= 2.32 2.63 2.93 3.08 4.00 4.38 4.63 最大充电电流= 0 输出电流= 0 控制模式= 振荡频率= 0 最高效率= 0 静态功耗= 0 纹波抑制比= 封装形式= SOT-143 功能简介= 电源检测/复位IC 类型= Vds(V)= ID(A)= VGS(±V)= Rdson@10V Typ= Rdson@4.5V Tpy= Rdson@2.5V Typ=
The IMP811/IMP812 are low-power supervisors
designed to monitor voltage levels of 2.5V,3.0V,
3.3V and 5.0V power supplies in low-power microprocessor
(μP), microcontroller (μC) and digital
systems. Each fea-tures a debounced manual reset
input. The IMP811/812 are improved drop-in replacements
for the Maxim MAX811/812 with extended
temperature specifications to 125°C.
A reset signal is issued if the power supply voltage
drops below a preset threshold and is asserted for at
least 140ms after the supply has risen above the reset
threshold. The IMP811 has an active-low output
RESET that is guaranteed to be in the correct state
for VCC down to 1.1V. The IMP812 has an activehigh
output RESET. The reset comparator is designed
to ignore fast transients on VCC.
Low power consumption makes the IMP811/
IMP812 ideal for use in portable and batteryoperated
equipment. Available in a compact 4-pin
SOT143 package, the devices use minimal board
Three voltage thresholds are available to support
2.5V to 5V systems:
—Specified to 125°C
• 6μA supply current
• Monitor 5V,3.3V,3V and 2.5V supplies
• Manual reset input
• 140ms min. reset pulse width
• Guaranteed over temperature
• Active-LOW reset valid with 1.1V supply
• Small 4-pin SOT-143 package
• No external components
• Power-supply transient-immune design
- Embedded controllers
- Battery operated systems
- Intelligent instruments
- Wireless communication systems
- PDAs and handheld equipment
产品技术资料 IMP811